And So It Begins

For the last few months, I have been contemplating the possibility of creating a blog for my work, as a venue for my musings and short writing, an incubator for papers, and as a way to have conversations about games which are not limited by 140 characters. So here it is: Vagrant Cursor.

Starting a new blog is always daunting, because I already know how hard it is to keep it going. I already have a blog in Spanish, in which I focus on movies and TV, which has proved a great way of keeping up with my mother tongue. Talking about my love for movies more informally is also a good thinking break from my work, although it’s still related to the field of game studies.

The hope I have is that writing this blog can help me write more and better. Writing begets further writing. My blog in Spanish has helped me overcome writer’s block; at times changing the topic helps getting unstuck on a paper due in three days. The idea is to write short posts, focus one idea and explore it, but with the idea of getting shorter posts out regularly. Plus writing is like exercising, the more you do it the easier it gets. (Or so I’m told, getting into a regular exercising schedule is something I have not quite achieved yet.)

The name? Well, my work focuses on adventure games, in which the text cursor or the arrow is allows players to wander around new worlds, explore them, manipulate the environment and talk to people. It also has a nice adventurous ring, and I like taking my work as an adventure.

The journey begins here.


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