Some of the talks I have given over the years are available online, as listed below.

“The Art of World Building” NYU Game Center Lecture Series. New York University, 7th March 2014.

“Digital Games: the New Frontier of Postmodern Detective Fiction.” Electronic Literature Organization 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature. Bergen, 4th-8th August 2015.

“Narrative on a Budget.” Indiecade East, New York City, 15th February 2014. (with Matthew Weise)

“Environmental Storytelling: All You Can Leave Behind” (NoShow conference 2012)

Panel: “Evolution of Game Narrative” (LudoNarraCon 2020)

If you would like to invite me to give a talk or workshop (in person or remotely, in English or Spanish), you can contact me directly.

I’ve also been the co-curator of the Narrative Innovation Showcase at the Narrative Summit in GDC for 4 years running. The showcases are available below.