Some of the talks I have given over the years are available online, as listed below.

“The Art of World Building” NYU Game Center Lecture Series. New York University, 7th March 2014.

“The Duality of Playful Plots in Detective Fiction and Games.” Intersections of Videogames and Culture lecture series, University of Delaware, Game Studies and esports department. 29th April, 2021.
Video available here.
“Digital Games: the New Frontier of Postmodern Detective Fiction.” Electronic Literature Organization 2015: The End(s) of Electronic Literature. Bergen, 4th-8th August 2015.

“Writing for Videogames.” Guest for the Young Screenwriters YouTube Channel. 28th May, 2021. 

Narrative on a Budget.” Indiecade East, New York City, 15th February 2014. (with Matthew Weise)

(In Spanish) Los videojuegos españoles de los 80: Identidad, Apropiación, Representación. Opening keynote of the first DiGRA Spain conference. December 2021.

(In Spanish) Taller de Narrativa Interactiva: Introducción a Twine. Game Jam Madrid Crea, 3ª Edición, October 2021. 
“Environmental Storytelling: All You Can Leave Behind” (NoShow conference 2012)

Panel: “Evolution of Game Narrative” (LudoNarraCon 2020)

If you would like to invite me to give a talk or workshop (in person or remotely, in English or Spanish), you can contact me directly.

I’ve also been the co-curator of the Narrative Innovation Showcase at the Narrative Summit in GDC for 4 years running. The showcases are available below.